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clinic-lobby-dr-allen-f-anderson-nashville-orthopaedic-surgery-sports-medicineclinic, room, Dr. Allen F. Anderson, nashville, orthopaedic surgery, sports medicineDr. Allen F. Anderson practices orthopedic sports medicine as a member of the Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance and is based at St. Thomas Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee.

When you suffer from chronic pain of the joints, muscles, or skeletal, your quality of your life is diminished. The good news is that you don't need to suffer needlessly. At Saint Thomas Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance the team of nationally-ranked orthopedic specialists delivers a full-range of services dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and rehabilitation of joint, skeletal, and muscular injury and disease.

St. Thomas is ranked number one in Tennessee and among the top five for orthopedics nationally.  A multidisciplinary team of highly skilled physicians, nurses, physical therapists and social workers provide a variety of treatment options to include education, lifestyle modifications, physical therapy and medication therapy. 

clinic-bench-dr-allen-f-anderson-nashville-orthopaedic-surgery-sports-medicineWhen surgery is the best course of treatment, you're in good hands with TOA orthopedic team of specialists at St. Thomas.

Clinic, Dr. Allen F, Anderson Nashville, Orthopaedic Sports Medicine

Our extensive network of subspecialists offers a wide range of orthopedic surgical capabilities, from total joint replacement to delicate spinal surgeries. Many surgeries involve minimally invasive procedures using the most advanced technologies available.

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